Pursuit 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar price to buy


Is this the easiest 12 string guitar to play, ever?! Lee finds out in his review of the superbly affordable Epiphone DR-212. Click here: http://bit.ly/2RCV1o0.

Click for more NAMM ’16 coverage: http://bit.ly/PGNAMM2016.

James Turner from The Turner Guitar Studio does a demo of his Breedlove C250/SME-12 acoustic electric 12-string guitar. With an L.R. Baggs LR-T CV pick-up …

The solid cedar top and extra-deep rosewood body of the Breedlove Solo 12-String acoustic-electric guitar generate clearly articulated single notes, while the …

Breedlove PURSUIT NYLON Pursuit Nylon Acoustic-Electric …

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