Pursuit Breedlove deals for students 2018


Nick Jennison reviews this Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Concert CE. Crafted in Breedlove’s most used tonewood, Myrtlewood, that grows along Oregon’s Pacific …

We set out to design a collection of all acoustic stringed instruments that meet the needs of your first, second…even third pursuit. Six string, nylon, 12-string and …

https://instagram.com/stevencavin220 Reviewing my guitar. Hope this is helpful!

Today Brett is telling us about the Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Koa CE. This particular Breedlove Guitar features the Bridge Truss System. The neck is Mahogany, …

Well we’ve really done it this time! Want to see and hear what we consider to the best for all of 2018? Well here you go. And you’re welcome! Chris McKee is …

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